welcome to myownbeat photography and thank you for your interest! a bit about me & the myownbeat story...

i chose the name myownbeat because, for me, it came from the intersection of both inspiration and challenge Folks in my life have always expressed that they are regularly inspired by my style, while some may grumble that i tend to resist conformity, make things happen my own way, and need to walk to "my own beat". i happen to consider that a compliment, embrace the concept of empowerment, and could not live my life any other way. All my work and the creativity in the portraits i take are inspired by that very concept. i know you will be inspired too!

Otherwise, i am just a woman who has had a real love for photography since my high school photo class days, processing film in the darkroom. i love to learn about people like YOU and your unique story -- your history, passions, fears and aspirations. i’d love the opportunity capture and tell your unique story through my camera too!

so, share your
life, love, & rhythm and let my camera tell
your story.
together, let’s show the world how you walk to
your own beat...