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black lives matter, san diego: a photographic representation. Dec 1 2014

As i struggled to put into words my feelings and fear about how Michael Brown’s story impacts my life as a mother of a young black boy, and the wife of a vibrant black man, i realized the words were less important. their expressions, my expressions tell a thousand words. so, as a photographer, i decided that capturing those expressions and creating this project would be a starting point for my own healing and my contribution in raising awareness for those who do not know my story.
please join this project by allowing me to share your story through photo imagery. we will visually represent the pain and frustration currently experienced by so many people of color and raise awareness around the prevalence of police brutality and the subsequent lack of justice when law enforcement breaks the law.
i will be photographing individuals starting on Monday, Dec 1 at 8pm- i would love representation across students, staff and faculty.
although allyship is critically important in the wake of the Missouri grand jury's non indictment, we should also be consciously aware of the particular emotional and psychological turmoil directly experienced by communities of color. this project aims to allow those who have intimately experienced or constantly live in fear of police brutality (themselves, in their families and communities), an opportunity to share their story.