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Solidarity protest in San Diego, January 2017.
Excerpt from the event description for a call to action: "There is a war against our Muslim identities. Many of us have complex of different relationships with Islam, but we are all categorized as Muslim anyways. We must fight to normalize Islam within Western society, being from a Muslim country.... We must fight with the knowledge that our parents, friends, and grandparents practicing Islam are not any different from any other religious community. Islam, like all religion, is open to different interpretations. It does not fundamentally provoke violence. The root of terrorism in the Middle East is the byproduct of multiple entities fighting for power, influence, and hegemony. Terrorism exists because of the ramifications of the Cold War, the proliferation of big oil, and the continuous influence of the hegemonic powers. We have terrorism because of the ongoing orientalist approach of Western countries towards the Middle East. We have terrorism because of the Iraq War, Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo Bay! Because in any major political change (revolution, protest, coup) you can find traces of Western influence. I do not blame the West for terrorist actions. Terrorist groups are responsible for their acts, but by blaming Islam for terrorism, we ignore the complexity of this issue. Islam is not the problem. Period. Islam has been a tool used both by Western and Eastern politicians and powers to justify their cruel acts .... they use islamophobia as a tool to justify torture and discrimination. Terrorists use Islam as a tool to justify their vision for power and tyranny. The issue is stems from ruthless competition for power around the world. Today I stand with all Muslims. I stand against the entirety of this demonizing policy and choose to not exclude other Muslims who are being treated just as unfairly."